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How Artificial Intelligence works


How does AI works, in simple terms? AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and it means how machines simulate human intelligence. It’s really a mix of many different technologies that when combined, they enable machines to “think, perceive, understand, and act” like humans. By doing this, they provide the machine the ability to solve complex problems, in other words, the machine learns “how to be human”

AI it´s not just a thing, is a whole world, since it can be applied to different niches such as language or visual content.

This technology is the foundation on which many tools are built. There’s a wide range of areas, for example Machine Learning (ML) or Computer Vision (CV).

Why is AI useful?

On the basis of this primary technology, when AI is applied to an area and combined with data analysis, it may turn out as an important source of value, as it can help companies achieve new objectives, or improve the ones they already have, no matter if its customer service or the optimization of the supply chain, speed or scalability. If well used, it will become a strong value multiplier. 

This is the time when the technology is mature enough to start undertaking big changes in companies, and it’s not something that has gone unnoticed, as many big enterprises are implementing and relying on this technology. But there is still a long way to go before all its benefits are fully discovered and massively exploited. This why we believe now is the best time to differentiate yourself by using AI.

Extensive benefits are obtained by implementing this technology (ML), not only speeding up daily tasks, but obtaining rich and detailed information. ML allows software applications to learn from past data or results, to then accurately predict outcomes and make better decisions when new situations are encountered. Just imagine the results obtained within a company when all the data is unfolded and used efficiently for their purposes.


For example, let’s compare it to the unused areas of our brain. As pictured in the movie Limitless, the human brain is known to use roughly 10% of its capability. The movie talks about a method that enables its characters to use the full potential of their brain.

This applied to multiple business areas could unlock all the undiscovered[PP1]  potential they have.

This is a good example to explain what we do. At Kimera, we’ve created a set of solutions that will help you unlock the full potential of your company. To sum up, this is the moment for your company to get involved with AI, as it will enable you to build a competitive advantage and adapt quickly using innovative ideas in a world of constant disruption.

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