The power of interpreting images with AI
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Leveraging Machine Learning and Blockchain:  robust approach to tackle the challenge of fake news

In the era of digital information overload, the battle against fake news has escalated to unprecedented levels. Misleading narratives not only erode public trust butRead more
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How to use Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce: boost your business with Kimera Technologies

In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, staying ahead requires innovation that seamlessly blends technology with user experience. AI solutions are opening new ways to buyRead more
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Contactless checkout systems on the rise with Computer Vision and AI

Exploring the evolution of contactless checkout systems In recent months, the retail industry has witnessed a surge in the adoption of contactless checkout systems, drivenRead more
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8 ways Artificial Vision is transforming online shopping

In the digital era, Artificial Vision has become a key element in the transformation of eCommerce. This intelligent technology is revolutionising the way people shopRead more
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Improve the Visual Search experience with AI: the solution to optimize your visual content

In today's digital world, Visual Search has become an increasingly popular way to discover products and content. With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), businessesRead more
8 reasons why you should incorporate artificial intelligence into your business

8 reasons why you should incorporate Artificial Intelligence into your business

We are all aware that, in one way or another, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is very present in our lives but, for the most part, weRead more
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Is Computer Vision part of Data Science?

We often tend to confuse the two terms, blurring the boundaries between Computer Vision and Data Science. It is true that they are intimately relatedRead more
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How Artificial Intelligence works

  How does AI works, in simple terms? AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and it means how machines simulate human intelligence. It’s really a mixRead more

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Not so far away, there was a photo studio, in which an old man used to reveal photos. It was a time when instantaneous momentsRead more
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