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Kimera Technologies is a precise, easy-to-use and accessible cloud based platform which satisfies the needs of SMBs and enterprises.

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Problems we solve

Images and videos are not powered enough and the information
is being lost.

Manual Labor

Content management is a slow and tedious task prone to human error. Existing automated solutions are inefficient.

Poor discoverability

Inaccurate search results not only causes a poor shopping experience and lower sales but also damages brand belonging.

No personalization

Current behavior prediction solutions are not able to accurately determine which content works best for each user.

Limited Control

Feeling lost or overwhelmed with your multimedia content makes it impossible to go the extra mile.

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How we do it

Kimera develops software to understand visual content (images and videos), extract its useful data and transform it into accessible information to leverage its full potential.

Use cases


Real Estate



Unfold all the data hidden in your visual content and leverage its potential

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