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Increase your sales with smart searches

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Increase your sales with smart searches

Improve your sales by saving time and resources using the only search engine that extracts information from images so you don’t have to add anything.


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Text Search - Kimera Technologies

Text Search

Text Search - Kimera Technologies

Advanced visual recognition technology to scan images with the same dexterity as the human eye. Without the need for labels, it interprets content quickly, intuitively and accurately.

Image Search

Allow your customers to search using images instead of text.
Upload an image and the system finds the most similar products.

Smart Recommender - Kimera Technologies

Smart Recommender

Smart Recommender - Kimera Technologies

Uses customer preferences and context to offer personalized and timely suggestions. Learns from interactions to keep recommendations relevant and promotes popular products.

Automatic Tagger


Assigns keywords, categories and tags to products quickly and accurately. It uses AI for this task, eliminating the need for manual work.


We adapt to your business

Our integration is compatible with all e-commerce platforms and marketplaces.

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