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Not so far away, there was a photo studio, in which an old man used to reveal photos. It was a time when instantaneous moments started to be captured forever in a piece of special paper. Magic. Imagine yourself at that moment. From nothing to capture images. How can it be possible? 

We live in a moment in which images are everything, but have lost their charm. We take thousands of pictures of a single thing. We take so many pictures that we even forget to catch the moment with our own eyes. It doesn’t matter, we have eternal memories in our technology devices.

But wait for a second. Can you imagine your life without images? I bet you have more than 1000 photos in your phone. Most of your cats or your children.

Yes, we know. Even though we are predictable in some fields, human beings are not easily impressed. Future has been predicted a million times in futuristic movies. Pandemics, zombies, and robots that conquer the world.

We watch them and become stunned. We think about the incredulous point of the film. “That will never occur, it’s impossible”

But the difference between fiction and reality is only  a matter of perception.
Eye. Mind. Brain. Cells working to understand an image. A sound. A frame.

What would be life without a glimpse of reality?

We are the kind of ones that think about the paradigms of life. That’s why we started analyzing every pixel, and tried to re-understand the world.

Kimera is the tool to understand the world as it is. Complex, full, vibrant, evolutive.
The tool that gives you the instructions to your next goal, to fulfill your present and your future.

The next generation of content creation and insights seekers is here.
It’s not a thing of the future, it’s a thing of the present.

Kimera, when fiction meets reality.

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