Use AI to improve your customer´s experiences in their journeys. 

Computer vision will help personalizing services
and improving the customer experience
using AI for travel.

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Machine learning and natural
language processing helps you to
know your customers better and grow
your business thanks to data-supported decisions.

More than


Processed images


Improve your sales with Kimera Technologies

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Deep tag
Save time! We tag all your inventory photos with unlimited
categories based on your chosen set of keywords.

With our Deep Tag solution you will be able to fully
automate tedious and repetitive workflows.
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ai for travel- image to image travel computer vision-machine learning
Image to Image
Use an image as the input for your search.
Simply drag & drop an image and the search engine
will show you the most similar product.

Deliver a great shopping experience using our
Image-to-image AI search tool to recommend similar
products based on previous searches.
Text to image
Not all search engines return relevant results…

Our search engine doesn´t need your content to be previously tagged. It understands everything, from a single word to complex descriptive texts. It’s accuracy will let you find very unique images within large databases.

Why use tags when you don’t actually need them?
Ai for travel-From Text to Image-ai-machine learning
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Image enhancement
No more blurred or poor quality images!

Automatically enhance and improve the resolution
of your images using state-of-the-art technology.
“Visual search combined with other visual-AI-powered tools, can boost conversion rates by 840.6%”
– The State of eCommerce Discovery in the New Normal

Understand your customers better.

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