The Reading-Images-Platform With AI

Kimera develops AI computer vision solutions designed to understand and efficiently manage visual content

We give eyes to your products

Kimera Technologies transforms visual content into useful information. We seek to democratize artificial intelligence and offer advances in computer vision science to any company.





Problems we solve

When images and videos are not being powered enough the information is lost.

Manual task

Because content management lacks automation and is a slow and tedious task often leading to human error.

Limited control

Because you may feel lost or overwhelmed organizing your multimedia content and accesing to it.

Opportunity costs

Because users cannot find your products if you are not able to show them properly, leading to lower sales and poor UX.


Because business decisions and marketing campaigns are far from efficient with the existing behavior prediction solutions.

How we help

Kimera develops AI Computer Vision solutions designed to understand and efficiently manage visual content. Kimera´s cloud-based platform helps businesses improve their products, automate tasks, reduce costs, increase conversion rates and grow sales.


Data is power and images the new reality.

Kimera Technologies is a precise, easy-to-use and accessible computer vision platform which satisfies the needs of SMBs and enterprises.